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Running a hotel or motel in St Louis, MO. is a demanding venture that faces numerous risks daily. From guest injuries to property damages, many incidents can occur. That's why hotel/motel insurance is not just advisable but essential. At Parker Insurance Group, we specialize in offering comprehensive insurance options designed to cover the unique risks of the hospitality industry. To learn more, call us today at 314-638-5020.

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Types of Coverage

Understanding the different types of hotel/motel insurance coverage is crucial for making an informed decision.

General Liability

Covers legal costs and claims if a guest or employee gets injured on the property.

Property Insurance

Protects the building, furniture, and other assets against damage from a variety of causes.

Business Interruption

Compensates for lost income during periods when the hotel/motel is unoperable due to covered events.

Common Claims

Let's consider the typical claims that can be addressed through hotel/motel insurance.

Type of Claim Explanation
Slip and Fall Covers medical bills and legal fees related to injuries sustained on the property.
Property Damage Addresses costs for repairing or replacing damaged assets.
Theft Compensates for stolen assets, be they electronics or furniture.
Natural Disasters Provides financial support for rebuilding and repairing after events like floods or hurricanes.

Why Choose Parker Insurance Group?

As a trusted provider of hotel/motel insurance in St Louis, MO., Parker Insurance Group offers flexible coverage options tailored to your specific operational risks. For more information, feel free to call us at 314-638-5020.


Insurance for your hotel or motel is not just a regulatory requirement but a smart business decision that safeguards your investment and reputation. To discuss your insurance needs, contact Parker Insurance Group today at 314-638-5020 or fill out our online quote request form.